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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. 
Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! 

Q: I am finding it difficult to register new members.. NO JOIN BUTTON?
A: You will need to be logged out of your account before you can register someone.. LOG OUT LINK on the Members Area Home Page!!

NO.. But if you feel like RIIAB is a SCAM, then by all means QUIT and the rest of the RIIAB Members that are working the program by referring others and upgrading to the higher levels will LAUGH all the way to the bank...

Q: Are there any refunds?
NO.. Your ad pack purchase went to a RIIAB member and your account was credited with the Banner/Text Ad advertising credits.

Q: Am I supposed to give my password downline info to my upline?
NO.. Your password is for you only and your upline does not need your downline information.

Q: I can't log in system says invalid username/password.. Why?
Free accounts are auto deleted after 72 hours. Purchase an ad pack and be approved to prevent this. You will need to re register with your sponsors link again.

Q: I have sent several Contact Us emails with no reply.. Why?
99% of all questions asked are answered here on the FAQ page. Did you look here for your answer before sending a Contact Us email? If you sent a Contact Us email and did not use ENGLISH it was ignored. This is a Business PLEASE treat it like one and DO NOT use SLANG ( THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME- plz o dey said dat the gmail i put z nt d one i put for mr reg did u put any oda one)

Q: I want to COMPLAIN. Who do I COMPLAIN to?
Your Sponsor will take all of your COMPLAINTS. Any COMPLAINT you have is because YOUR Sponsor either did not explain RIIAB to you OR YOUR Sponsor Explained RIIAB INCORRECTLY to you.. YOUR Sponsor's email is in the STATS Button..

Q: The system is telling me to pay someone I do not think I should be paying.. What do I do?
Follow the system and pay who the system says to pay even if YOU THINK you are to pay someone else..
The system sees everything in your matrix above below and beside you and YOU do not. You do not know if someone upgrade over their sponsor or if someone who you think is on your line 2 or 3 may have upgraded faster then those on your line 1 or 2. Remember every upgrade is a new matrix because we are paid on different levels.

Follow the system and pay who the system tells you to pay..

Here is an example:

Jerrypekes sponsor is complaining that Guccidel's upgrade didn't come to him..

jerrykpekes his sponsor upgraded look at times.
105602 jerrykpekes -  wiyorblaze ( ) $9.00 3x4 - $9 ( $9.00 )
( ID: 17010827 ) 2016-11-22 15:17:58 Approved on 2016-11-23 12:49:54

​Then ​now look at purchase time of Guccidel and you will see Guccidel purchased while sponsor
was not approved at $9 level.
105638 guccidel - psalmefeturi ( ) $9.00 3x4 - $9 ( $9.00 )
( ID: 17010828 ) 2016-11-22 15:32:56 Pending

​If your people would follow instructions then everything would be fine. But they do not, so the system can't see sponsor for the member to follow. So the default sponsor is used and the member is placed in the next open spot in the upgraded level so that the person can receive payments from that level.. Some people do not upgrade and some people work faster then others this is very common.. This also does not affect anyones earnings.

Follow the system and pay who the system says to pay and upgrade or do not follow and pay and do not upgrade your choice...

Q: The member I am to upgrade to does not have a processor listed --Payza, STP or Google Wallet?
Send email to randygarrard@gmail.com for instructions on how to make your payment.

Q: I have the wrong sponsor what do I do?
A: Your account will auto delete in 72 hours then you can re register and follow the instructions above the form..
Make sure your sponsors name is at the top of the form below.
If it is not present please copy the link again with no space at the end.

Q: I approved a downline twice what do I do?
Approved positions can not be deleted.
YOUR Referral needs to pay for 2nd spot.. After your referral fills the spots under first position, YOU and YOUR REFERRAL will need to fill the spots under the second position from YOUR link this will place the new member as spillover and will fall under the 2nd spot.

Q: I have a dormant downline can I have them deleted?
A: NO.. Paid accounts can not be deleted..
Free accounts will auto delete after 72 hours.

Q: My purchase for the ad pack was pending now its gone?
Pending purchases that are not approved within 72 hours are auto deleted. re purchase the ad pack and contact the person for approval.

Q: Can I change my email address? I was not able to confirm as it was entered wrong on registration.
The problem with what you are saying is that the sponsor does not put the correct email address in the registration form and therefore causes ME to have to change emails 50 to 100 per day and I am done with the email change so they will have to be confirmed when registration is done before they can log in and before they can purchase an adpack.
You will need to re register with your sponsors link.

Q: Can I change my Username?
No.. Usernames are the only thing in your profile that can not be changed...

Q: I do not understand this business. Can you explain the RIIAB Matrix to me?
NO.. All of the information you need to do this business is on this website. Thats is why it is here for you to read or watch a video so you can learn.. Think about this for 1 second. There are THOUSANDS of RIIAB members and ONLY 1 Admin. Contact your sponsor their email is in the STATS Button and ask. If your sponsor doesn't know, then you and your sponsor go to your sponsors sponsor and ask and continue with all sponsors upline until you get the answer. Now ALL of you will UNDERSTAND this business or have the answer to the question.