Sponsor/Recruit Like A Boss!!

It's good to have you as a RIIAB Member!  As a new/older member, I thought I'd remind you of a valuable tip to help increase your income.  While there's money to be made simply by selling our product (adpacks), the greatest long-term profit potential lies in building your own team of people who follow you.

Once you have a successful group of followers on your team, you will probably want to keep working to make more money for yourself, but your team will be generating enough income for you to live comfortably without you having to lift finger.  Let me tell you, it's nice to have that base backing up your other efforts.

The first step in building your team is recruiting, and the most important part of recruiting is attracting people who will become successful network marketing entrepreneurs in their own right.  One of your downline who recruits 10 new members a month over their first year is worth more than 30 who recruit two members on average and then quit.

So, how can you tell who will be your most successful recruits?  The short answer is, you can't.  The sullen student in all black who barely says a word during your presentation may turn out to be a money-making dynamo, and the well-dressed, outgoing charmer may turn out to be a dud.  But it does make sense to focus your attention on the prospects who show the most interest and seem to have the right personality for success.

The other factor you can control is your own follow-up.  Give your team members encouragement and offer helpful tips.  Put your energy into the ones who seem to be really trying, the ones who truly want or need to succeed.

You never know who will be your most reliable performers, but with successful presentations you can attract a strong group of followers to your team.  It might not happen right away, but sooner or later, some of them will pay off for you in a big way.

Let me help you learn to Sponsor/Recruit Like A Boss!! I have put together a email course that will (if followed) and (the button is on the RIIAB website) show you how to Sponsor/Recruit new RIIAB members Like A Boss!!

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